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After being a lurker for over a decade, i created an account here in order to ask this question and get more involved with the switch hacking scene. Users should then follow nintendo’s account recovery process.

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Initially, nintendo claimed it was only 160,000, but it discovered another 140,000 compromised accounts after further investigation.

Nintendo switch account hacked reddit. Really, i'm just trying to avoid the need to restore my clean nand, and then linking, then going back to cfw/90dns I have a japanese credit card connected to the account. How to protect your nintendo switch account.

This week nintendo confirmed that the actual number of gamers who may have had their accounts illegally accessed by hackers was not 160,000, but actually closer to 300,000. Tried to sign in to my account online and same thing. This breach has been confirmed by nintendo, and the company is taking steps to fix the situation and has provided steps for players to take.if you believe your nintendo account had been impacted by this hack, there are ways to check and protect your.

I am a uk switch owner who has potentially today had their nintendo account hacked. I loaded to find that minecraft dungeons was installing for some reason. If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you’ve probably heard about the thousands of hacked nintendo accounts.

My nintendo account was hacked this morning and they made off with $100 for fortnite crap. I bought a switch lite separate from him now and was wondering if linking the nintendo account that had all. Bought my switch in japan.

Probably should also setup in the e shop (i think) your switch as the main switch. The hack involved the nintendo network id (wii u and 3ds accounts) so if you have a nintendo networkd id connected to your nintendo account then you need to remove the link under linked accounts. Hey, i've been looking around seeing if there's a way of linking a nintendo account while on cfw (atmosphère 0.8.2/6.2.0), or making the console think that a nintendo account is linked.

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I saw my account was logged in at 1:53am from and internet explorer account last week. If an unknown location appears on the list, it is possible the nintendo account has been hacked. As reported by eurogamer, nintendo is investigating claims that switch users have had their nintendo accounts hacked.

The updated information was relayed via the companies japanese support site, where it also confirmed that it had reset the nintendo network id. I didnt use my switch at all and i recently i powered my switch and uses the sx pro i brought. Get information on everything revolving around piracy on the nintendo switch from apps, games, development, and support.

Me and my brother used to share the same switch. The nintendo switch hacking scene is chaos right now now that the switch is cracked open, there’s piracy, porn, and bans by patricia hernandez @xpatriciah jun. 160,000 nintendo accounts were compromised—including one of ours [updated] nintendo has since confirmed breach:

I bought online for it and everything as well as a bunch of games. My brother likes to hack though and got it banned from online services. 160,000 affected, personal information leaked.

Lots of similar reports on reddit/twitter. another. I do intend to keep the console itself completely. The nintendo switch is a wonderful console, but it isn't immune to hacking.

I think that is about all you can do! Some account users reported their accounts had been used to buy digital items, such as bundles of fortnite vbucks worth up to £100, via linked paypal accounts. I quickly went and changed passwords, set up 2 factor, and on nintendo’s page logged every account out.

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Back in april of 2020, 300,000 nintendo accounts were compromised in an attack that used old passwords from the defunct nintendo network id account system. Hackers found they could log into. This year during the sep period when the nintendo online sub thing came out.

Gave them my account details, switch serial number and phone number. I just recently had my nintendo account hacked into by someone in chile (i live in the us), and i got hit with that infamous $200 charged from your paypal by nintendo to pay for fortnite vbucks scare (i'm not making this up) that i've been seeing around the internet. The people being hacked are simply having their passwords guessed.

Home of the latest info, exploits, and breakthroughs! You may mention the names of tools/apps/etc, but admitting to it, linking to warez or asking for help is strictly forbidden. After trying to access the eshop, it told me to log into my nintendo account but it wouldn't let me and instead showed a.

The nintendo account is set to japan. Absolutely no piracy is allowed. Posted to nintendo's japanese website, the statement confirms that around 160,000 nintendo accounts which use a nintendo network id to log in may have been affected by unauthorised logins.

Lots of similar reports on reddit/twitter. another. Some of the switch owners who had their accounts compromised reported that the debit or credit card saved to their account was used to make actual game purchases or. Missioncontrol v0.6.0 released (13.0.0 support) the number one nintendo switch hacking subreddit!

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My nintendo account was hacked this morning and they made off with $100 for fortnite crap. How to protect your nintendo switch account. So i called tech support and told them the same story.

I currently have a clean switch (my first ever switch) running the latest 8.0.1 firmware. Linking my account to a hacked switch i got my switch last year and created an account to access eshop play cartridge games etc.

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